Our Influential Sports

We are proud to be working with our sports which are Being the Influence, and tackling binge drinking…

Football Federation Australia

Football Federation Australia (FFA) is the governing body of football in Australia. FFA’s long-term vision is to establish Australia as a truly world-class football nation.

Basketball Australia, the NBL and the WNBL

Basketball Australia is the governing and controlling body for the sport of basketball in Australia.

Netball Australia

One of Netball Australia’s strategic aspirations is to deliver netball programs and services that support social change by providing the opportunity for all Australian’s to participate in the game in a way that brings them good health, recognition, achievement, enjoyment and a sense of belonging.
Ambassador Profile
: Natalie Medhurst

Swimming Australia

Swimming Australia is the national sporting organisation which is responsible for the promotion and development of swimming in Australia at all levels. Home of the EnergyAustralia Swim Team, Swimming Australia is recognised as one of the leaders in Australian sport and has almost 100,000 members and just over 1100 swimming clubs nationwide.
Ambassador Profile: Christian Sprenger

Surfing Australia

Surfing Australia is a not for profit incorporated National Sporting Organisation that was formed in 1963 to establish, guide and promote the development of surfing in Australia. Surfing Australia is the representative body on the International Surfing Association (ISA) of which there are 56 member countries and is recognised by the Australian Sports Commission, the Australian Olympic Committee and is a member of the Water Safety Council of Australia. Surfing underpins an important part of the Australian coastal fabric. It forms part of a lifestyle in which millions participate with a mystique in which millions more have a documented interest.

Cycling Australia

Cycling Australia (CA) is the governing body for cycling in Australia and provides opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to become members through their extensive affiliated club network across Australia and take part in recreational or competitive cycling events.

Hockey Australia

Hockey Australia aims to make hockey the ‘game for everyone’ – a sport that is accessible and enjoyable for male and female Australians of all ages and backgrounds.
Ambassador Profile: Anna Flanagan

Athletics Australia

Key parts of Athletics Australia’s mission and strategic plan is to harness the community’s passion for athletics and direct it to optimum effect, and to demonstrate strong leadership.

Skateboarding Australia

Skateboarding Australia promotes the growth and development of skateboarding in Australia at all levels and to increase opportunities for skateboarders. Its mission is to embrace, connect, and unite this powerful community into action with progressive and original ideas.

Volleyball Australia

Volleyball Australia is the peak body for the administration of the sport of volleyball in Australia. Thier purpose is to provide for the conduct, promotion and administration of the sport for the mutual and collective benefit of the volleyball community.

Equestrian Australia

Equestrian Australia (EA) is the peak body for the administration of Equestrian Sport in Australia. The commitment to success is encouraged at every level of the sport and is reflected in world-class results at Olympic level.

Triathlon Australia

Triathlon Australia is the official National Sporting Organisation responsible for the management and delivery of the sports of triathlon, duathlon, aquathlon and multisport within Australia. One of their key objectives is to grow participation in triathlon by providing leadership and increased opportunities.

Australian Canoeing

Australian Canoeing (AC) is responsible for the management, coordination, development and promotion of paddle sports in Australia.

Australian University Sport

Australian University Sport (AUS) is the peak governing body of university sport in Australia and currently has 41 members, which represents more than one million students. It aims to foster university sport as a relevant and important part of university life and provide leadership in university sport.

The Australian Baseball Federation

The Australian Baseball Federation (ABF) is the governing body for all levels of baseball throughout the country.  Primarily responsible for the development of the sport; administration, conduct, high performance and promotion,  the ABF works with seven (7) State and Territory associations and 600+ clubs across the country.  The ABF also acts as the international liaison and representation of Australian Baseball at all International forums.  A major stakeholder in the Australian Baseball League, an initiative they deliver with Major League Baseball.

The Australian Baseball League

The Australian Baseball League (ABL) is Australia's premiere professional baseball competition, and will enter its third season of action in November of 2012. A landmark partnership between the Australian Baseball Federation, Major League Baseball, and the Australian Sports Commission, the ABL features a 46-game season and serves to elevate baseball's profile on the Australian sports landscape as well as fuel participation in the game. The ABL seeks to showcase, on home soil, the enormously talented Australian baseball players who, for decades, have excelled on the international level.

The Australian Paralympic Committee

The Australian Paralympic Committee (APC) is Australia’s leading sporting organisation for people with a disability. We help Australians with disabilities participate in sport and compete at the Paralympic Games through partnerships with government, business, sporting bodies and the community. At the elite level, the APC is responsible for preparing the Australian Paralympic Summer and Winter Teams for the Paralympic Games, which we have done successfully since 1990. At the grassroots level, the APC works closely with its National Federation partners to develop greater opportunities for Australians with disabilities to participate and pursue a career in sport.