Sports tackling binge drinking

16 national sporting organisations have pledged to Be the Influence and tackle binge drinking by providing sporting environments, from national through to community level, that are alcohol-promotion free.

Millions of families across Australia enjoy participating in sport and watching our sporting heroes at live events or on TV. Sport is about encouraging participation, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and enjoying being part of a healthy community.

Our sporting communities play such a positive role in Australian communities, and in these healthy environments the promotion of alcohol just doesn’t belong.

We think it’s really important to reduce our children’s exposure to alcohol imagery and branding.

We are about promoting responsible drinking and reducing the links between alcohol promotion and sporting activities that young people are often involved in.

Importantly, we want to provide a message to young people that they have the support of their sporting heroes, and their families to stand up and Be the Influence and start tackling the binge drinking culture.

Keep an eye out for our sport ambassadors who will be promoting positive messages about Being the Influence and Tackling Binge Drinking.

Be the Influence - Tackling Binge Drinking Video Transcript (Word 17 KB)

Next time you’re watching your favourite sports, look out for the Be the Influence – Tackling Binge Drinking message. You should see it in venues through advertising and promotions, on the uniforms of our Australian teams, you should also hear about it through announcements at sporting events, in e-Newsletters, and in social media.

The AFL Player's Association is also supporting the Be the Influence initiative and pledging to help tackle youth binge drinking.

Watch the AFL Player's Association support video below: